1000W Outdoor JDC-Plus LED Pixel Strobe IP65

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1000W Outdoor JDC-Plus LED Pixel Strobe IP65





  • Beam is a high-intensity array that provides powerful stroboscopic and masking effects

Strobe effect:

Moving head strobe provides variable flash frequency, flash duration and strobe effect intensity of the beam. It also provides the following pre-programmed effects:

  • Raise/lower the intensity modulation effect
  • Random strobe
  • Spikes - low intensity light output of high intensity flashes.

masking effect:

  • For a continuous shading effect, set the flash duration to a longer value and the flash frequency to a higher frequency
  • The value flashes "overlap" and merge into a continuous light output


  • Power:AC100-240V50/60Hz3000W
  • LightSource:864pcs 0.5W RGB LEDs&160pcs 10W white LEDs,8 segments white LED controlled independently no uitraviolet radiation 864 segments RGB
  • Life Time:Over 20000 hours for the LED light source
  • Output:70,000 Im@3 meter distance
  • Beam Angle:120 degrees
  • Tilt angle:190 degrees
  • Control mode:DMX512, automatic, master-slave, Art-Net, with RDM function
  • DMX Mode :6/19/40/443/DMX channels
  • Dimmer:32 bit dimmer
  • Operating Mode:DMX /Master-Slave/Pixel
  • Over Heat Protect With temperature sensor to extend the lamp's life
  • LED Scan Rate:9000 Hz LED scan rate,Flick-Free
  • Waterproof Rating :Real IP65
  • Weight:18KG
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