6 Outputs DMX Splitter

Stream 6
Compact design
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3-Pins XLR &5-Pins XLR optional
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  • One input and six outputs; its output circuit adopts modular design, you can arbitrarily mix 3-core and 5-output modules like building blocks, and combine them into the form you want, which is faster and more convenient to use;
  • When the output module is damaged by the impact of external high current, it is very convenient to replace it on-site. It is installed on the light stand with its own sub-mother sticker, so it adds a layer of safety protection measures for on-site application;
  • The input and output are powered by an independent power supply, and each interface has independent protection circuits and photoelectric isolation measures to achieve complete isolation of signals and electricity;
  • Silver metal 3-core or 5-core XLR is more durable;
  • With two-way DMX512-RDM protocol function, the lighting information can be fed back to the MA console and other lighting consoles with RDM functions.



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