8-Outlets Timing Delay Power Distribution Unit(PDU) 1U 19”

Smart Switch 8
Programmable Power Sequencer
RS485 Remote Smart Switch Strip
DMX512 Relay Pack - 2ch/8ch/10ch
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8-Outlets Timing Delay Power Distribution Unit(PDU) 1U 19”




  • 90-240V/40A Switched PDU:the unit delivers and manages reliable power to home appliance, music production studio equipment and especially dmx fixtures, NOTE: Max 40 Rated Current for Total Unit!**Do not exceed the rated current of 40A to avoid the wire overheating**
  • 8 Switched Outlets: The compact and comprehensive smart switch is equipped 8 switched front-panel outlets, NOTE:Max 5A Rated Current for Each Outlet!**Do not exceed the rated current of 5A to avoid destroying the relay**
  • Smart and Simple:the Pknight unit-CP0802 15 is an multifunctional PDU which can be used as power sequencer, delay switch and DMX512/RS485 relay pack. With OLED control system, you can read the status and system menu setting information from the OLED display easily, such as the running mode, timing time, delay time, running, outlets status, DMX setting, RS485 setting etc.
  • DMX Mode:It is the most important feature that the device can be controlled by DMX512.there are three DMX channel options,the 2ch, 8ch, 10ch. so It is a complete solution for delivering Power and DMX data to LED and automated fixtures remotely. Available with our easynode technology or a hardwired DMX input, this relay is ready to go.
  • Manual Mode:you will get the most comprehensive device, 8 outlets can be controlled separately to turn on or off, start time delayed power sequencer with 0~10s help expand to more outlets. timing time can be customized from 0-10s.
  • Code Mode:Compatible with RS485, it can be a smart switch controlled by some central controller or pc which can output RS485.



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