Art-Net DMX512 Network Converter

Artnet 2
Compact design
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Compatible with GrandMA2/3 &Avolites as well as Madrix
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Technique Sheet

  • It is the most cost-effective artnet and dmx adapter with very comprehensive functions.
  • With the led display and 4 function buttons,you need not to find some applications or a web configuration to set it up.
  • There is a M10 screw holes on the top of the node box,you can easily install it on the truss with a stage light clamp hook
  • Built tough and compact the adapter can be powered by PoE (power over ethernet),get a standard 48V PoE switch with 1 2 3 6 pins Power supply,You can use the existing network cable instead of the power cable to power the device, which is very convenient
  • 2x DMX512 Out (3pin) with Art-Net, control up to 1024 channels.


Packing Details

  • 1×power cable
  • 1×user manual
  • 1×CR021R



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